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Teachers/Educators License: 


If you're a teacher in a public school, private school, or in a church organization, you may share the printables (copy or print) with your class at no additional charge as long as nothing is edited/changed and the printables are fully intact, including any copyright byline that may be present. You may copy them as many times as you want for your own use.

The above does not apply to bloggers, online teachers, or the similar. Bloggers and website owners, if you want to share, please send users directly to our shop to download/acquire.

We welcome your sharing these with your colleagues, but if they want to print them for their classes they will want to purchase their own products. Licensing is for one teacher.

1) You may not resell or use this work in anything that is for resell, relicensing, redistributing, or as part of a giveaway. 

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4) You may not edit, change, alter, or add to any part or piece of any of the printables in this shop. All items must remain fully intact as sold in this shop, including the copyright byline. 

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